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Monday, October 3, 2011

Mine, mine, MINE

I'm really beginning to wonder just how long it will take for my cousin Salty to realize that all toys, food, beds and people at both his and my house are mine. I had this crafty idea yesterday when we were over visting my Grandma's house to pee on his stuff, so he'd know for sure-but Mom gave me the stink-eye. Then later, when he was eyeing the cookies Mom was making, I growled at him good and puffed my chest out. No good, he still hung around. Later on, when there was no good food left to guard, I took all his toys and put them in a big pile near ME so he could see they had become MINE. He still tried to get one, so I showed off my chompers as a warning. When is this guy gonna catch on?! Everyone else knows whatever I come upon is mine, right?!

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