My debut 'Tail'


Monday, October 3, 2011

Mine, mine, MINE

I'm really beginning to wonder just how long it will take for my cousin Salty to realize that all toys, food, beds and people at both his and my house are mine. I had this crafty idea yesterday when we were over visting my Grandma's house to pee on his stuff, so he'd know for sure-but Mom gave me the stink-eye. Then later, when he was eyeing the cookies Mom was making, I growled at him good and puffed my chest out. No good, he still hung around. Later on, when there was no good food left to guard, I took all his toys and put them in a big pile near ME so he could see they had become MINE. He still tried to get one, so I showed off my chompers as a warning. When is this guy gonna catch on?! Everyone else knows whatever I come upon is mine, right?!

Monday, September 26, 2011

I'm stealthy

As my loyal followers (Hi Renee) may notice, I've taken a short hiatus from my blog. What can I say-a happenin' guy like me has livin' to do! In any case, I've been spending a good deal of my time lately mastering the art of stealth. Case in point-check out this most excellent prize I stole from a little midget (who I suspect was a cleverly disguised ninja) just yesterday--

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Balls are for eating

Hey Dawgs-did you know that balls are good for eating? It's true! All the time I've been chasing these darn things and bringing them back when I could have been eating them! That yellow one over there was a little earthy for my pallet but this shiny red one was sweet and juicy. Who knew!

Monday, September 12, 2011

He works hard for the kibble

They say nothing is free, but I figured that, in all my splendor and cuteness, I was immune. It seems I was wrong!

Parade Charade

This weekend Mom & Dad took me to what they claimed was a "Rod Run" in Long Beach. All these old dudes in old cars lined up along the road and drove back and forth while people clapped and shouted at them. Even though Dad has a new car, he hopped in with the conga line and we drove down the street too. But people didn't look at his car. They looked at me instead. They started yelling "Awe, look at that frenchie!" and "hey, that's a good lookin' dog." Before I knew it, the whole deal turned in to a Pup Parade, with people clamoring to see ME and cheering for ME. It seems my celebrity is contageous and now reaches all the way to the ocean and back!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Jeez Louise-SO sensitive

Apparently word got out about my blog posting from Wednesday, about my brother Boo. Seems he got his feelers real hurt and his stubby nose out of joint about the whole thing and so now he won't play with me, won't share his bones with me and generally gives me the stink-eye 24/7.
Mom said I needed to appeal to his "sensitive side" (whatever that means!) and then, just when I was making my very incognito apology, she snapped this pic. How emberassing!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The most annoying frenchie I know

Paws down, without a doubt, my little brother Boo is the most annoying frenchie I know. Whenever I have a cool toy, he wants it. Whenever he has a toy, it is cool and I must have it. Yet he won't give it to me!

Whenever I do anything excellent, Boo is trying to copy me. SO ANNOYING.

Sometimes I just have to take him down, WWF (Wacked out, Wild Frenchie) Style!

(picture, case in point).

Friday, September 2, 2011

The grass is ALWAYS greener

Yesterday we went blackberry picking. Mom and Dad said all the best berries were on the highest branches, where they couldn't reach. Those berries looked the same as all the others to me. Why would anyone want to get stuck with all those nasty thorns, just to get a ruddy berry anyway?
When we got home, Mom said we were so good that we could chew on bones for a while (good thing she didn't see me eat that mystery goo while they were picking). She SAID the bone she gave me was the best but as I watched my brother and sister chaw away on their bones, I could tell they'd been given far superior stock, while my good-for-nothing bone was practically miniscule. Man, why do I always get the short end of the stick (err...bone)!?!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

They work me like a dog around here....

Get this-I've only got FOUR beds here at work. And I think this ratty toy box has a dozen toys at best. And whenever Mom takes me out to empty the recycling, she NEVER lets me eat any of the stinky things I find along the way.

People are CONSTANTLY wanting to pet and oogle me and after we've been here for a few hours and I'm ready to go home and play, Mom makes me STAY! And sometimes even SIT!

Whoa is me. They work me like a dog around here. Time to take a nap.

Friday, August 26, 2011


While on our walk by the lake Mom caught me sniffing the butt of a bronze Cocker Spaniel statue. She said it was "shameful." I say HEY-IT'S WORTH A TRY!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Is it hot in here, or is it just ME?

You could fry sausages on my tummy (mmm...that sounds kinda good). You could melt cheese on my tounge (also, not a bad idea). You could grill burgers on my back (is anyone else getting hungry?). THAT'S how hot I am right now! Will somebody call the big guy upstairs and tell him to kick on the AC!

Lumpy, Bumpy, Miserable me

Yeah, I'm a little sun bear. I like to lay out, prop myself up and soak up the rays. But come on guys, this is ridculous! It's serious pant-time here with these near-90-degree temps! I can't step out to piddle on my favorite bush without panting like a bulldog in heat! And now because of this surface-of-the-sun temperature, I'm covered in funky little lumps. I can't even go outside without a diguise, for fear one of my fans might see me!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Closing Time

As my work day draws to an end I find myself asking, what did I accomplish today? Sure, I brightened people's days with my effervescent personality and adorable mug. But is that enough? HECK YEAH it is! I'm ready to head home, flip on some 'Dog Whisperer' and hit the kibble HARD!

Is it rawhide or is it Tully?

It's tough and gruff but with a bit of effort, it becomes pretty soft.

It's kinda smelly and even smellier when it's wet.

You wouldn't want to swallow it or you might urp it up.

It's sometimes sticky and covered in hair.

Is it rawhide or is it Tully?

You be the judge!

King o' the park

What do you get whem you add ME to a off-leash dog park filled with 30 plus frenchies? That's right . . . you get throngs of new admirers . . . gushing girlies and groveling guys.

It was pretty epic on Saturday, to see all my homies at the Wallace Dog Park Frenchie Meetup. I'd say I ruled the roost, but you already know that. And if anybody says I ran like a little girl (on steroids) when a beastly, oversized brindle frenchie started chasing me, DON'T BELIEVE IT FOR A SECOND!

Friday, August 19, 2011


I'm headed to a Frenchie meetup in Portland tomorrow. 30 plus frenchies in one spot. What could possibly go wrong?!

Boo hoo

No one is on campus today. Boo hoo. No pretty girls to bat eyelashes at me. Boo hoo. No rowdy dudes to yell "hey, that's a tough lookin' bulldog!" as I waddle past. Boo hoo. And worst of all, none of my dedicated disciples are here to bask in my adorableness and call out “TULLY WE LOVE YOU!” as I strut the pathways of LCC. What a sad, sad day indeed.


Still sleepin' while Mom does all the work. Things are as they should be.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Could it be?

While out on deliveries a minute or two ago (or as I like to call them, "fan forays"), one of the campus directors suggested I ought to be Lower Columbia College's new mascot...and that we even ought to change our name from the Red Devils, to the Brown Frenchies. Fab idea if I do say so myself!

Toss dem' cookies

Mom's always yelling at me, "don't eat that!", "drop it!", "leave it!" Now I know why. While we were walking the lake this morning I tottled off down by the water when her back was turned and gobbled up something DELICIOUS. On the way back to the Print Shop I started feelin' a little funky. By the time we got inside, I was full-on pukey. That tasty blob at the lake didn't look quite as good when it came back up!


It's very possible that no dog in the history of the world has ever been as tired as I am RIGHT now. Jeez Mom, if it's not light outside yet, what's the purpose of getting out of bed!?!

Monday, August 15, 2011

PLEASE say that word

"Home" . . . that's all she has to say. Once she says that, I get to ride in the car and hang my head out the window. Once she says that, I get to play with Moxy. Once she says that, I get to run wild and free. We've been at work FOREVER. Why can't she just say the magic word?!

I heart popcorn

So light and so fluffery, plus Mom makes it buttery. Good thing she was in a share'in mood at lunchtime. YUM!

Man about campus

Just got back from a delivery to the Bookstore. Sheesh those gals adore me. But really, who can blame them??!

I spied a really lucious-looking packing peanut back in the storage area but Mom wouldn't let me have it. I'm pretty peeved. Imagine how delicious it would've been!


Sharon, from the Home & Family Life center, just brought over the finest set of bottle caps I've seen in all my days. I don't mean to boast (or do I?!), but I fit three of them in my trap at the same time. Take that you snooty Golden Retrievers with mouthfulls of tennis balls!
Ah, the cleverness of me!

What? Where am I?

All I know is that I fell asleep in my cushy bed last night and when I woke up, I was at work! For as shocked as I was, I might as well have woken up in the trunk of a car . . . or worse yet, a cat sactuary! Geez, here we go with another Monday!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Stinky things

The maintenance fellas just left an intoxicatingly stinky batch of tools out behind the Print Shop. Mom keeps giving me the stink-eye as I veer towards them. I'm crafting a diversion that involves a very complicated and giant mouse trap. Boy, this is gonna be fun!


Just got back from my 4-mile walk and BOY, are my dogs tired! Hey...don't judge's Friday and I'm at work...I GET to be corney!

Tully's NEWEST 'Tail'

Tully's Bully Tails issue 2

Tully's premier Bully Tail!



As I lie here half-awake in my cushy bed I find myself wondering, why is my life SO difficult?!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Adventures in garbage

You have to be pretty sneaky. Stealthy, really. Have to do it just at that split second when Mom isn't looking. One, two, three, NOW...snagged a choice peice of garbage from the parking lot at just the premium moment! Mom didn't even notice I had a hair scrunchee in my trap until we were nearly back to the Print Shop! Ah, the genius of me.


All problems in life can be solved by cookies!

I'm with you Garfield-I hate mornings

Why on earth Mom wants to get up at 5am is beyond me. Someone ought to call the Humane Society on her! HELP!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Are we there yet?

Will this day EVER end? It's so nice outside and yet Mom has me cooped up in this darn Print Shop. She is evil incarnate.

Delivery man

Just took some deliveries out on campus and, of course, was mauled by my many fans. Thanks for the belly rubs Yun!

Tully the Bully has arrived

Well it had to happen sooner or later. Tully the Bully has created his own blog. As many of you know, I'm Tully Kibbee-the pilot dog for Lower Columbia College's Animal Assisted Therapy program. I also just happen to be the muse behind "Tully's Bully Tails," an ongoing columun in 'Just Frenchies' magazine. Basically, I'm loved and idolized by everyone and have fun 24/7 (or at least try to, despite my Mom's best efforts). I'm connecting up with folks out there to spread my love and invite everbody to share in my adventures!